The Isle of Mull lies just off the west coast of Scotland. The second largest island in the Inner Hebrides, it is relatively accessible and boasts a dramatic and varied landscape.

views around Mull

As the eagle flies, the island is around 30 miles from north to south, but with the many sea lochs and inlets, there are over 300 miles of coastline. The mountains in the central part of the island rise over 3000 feet but give way in the north and south west to rolling hills, rocky coast and sandy beaches.

Along with the smaller islands offshore (including Ulva, Iona and Staffa), Mull offers a splendid, varied and unspoilt habitat for a wide range of bird, animal and marine life.

The island is reached by short ferry crossings from the mainland. The main route takes just 40 minutes from Oban, itself less than three hours drive from Glasgow or Edinburgh.

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Mull's population of around 2700 is sparsely distributed. There is one small town (Tobermory pop.900), a number of smaller villages as well as scattered settlements, crofts and farms.